Vochlea Dubler Studio Kit 2

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  • The Dubler Studio Kit 2 provides everything you need to vocally translate your musical ideas into reality, in one box.
  • Perfect for non-musician producers, singers, vocalists, songwriters and performers.
  • Includes Dubler 2 software, Vochlea's custom USB microphone, and Ableton Live Lite (DAW).
  • Plug-and-play, everything you need comes right in the box with no need for a complex production workflow.
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Vochlea Dubler Studio Kit 2

The Dubler Studio Kit 2 provides everything you need to vocally translate your musical ideas into reality, all in one box. Start writing, recording, producing, and performing your own songs as soon as the kit arrives.

The kit is made up of the Dubler 2 software, Vochlea's custom USB microphone, and Ableton Live Lite (DAW). It is perfect for non-musician producers, singers and vocalists, songwriters, performers, and anyone looking to speed up their music creation workflow.


Get Creating Right Away

Dubler Studio Kit 2 is plug-and-play, providing everything you need right in the box, with no need for a complex production workflow.

Use Dubler Studio Kit 2 to lay down your ideas quickly as you can imagine them. No more issues with recall hours later, or trying to re-produce a voice note, saving critical hours when producing.

If you’ve not yet mastered your dream instrument, Dubler Studio Kit 2 can help. Just by singing a few notes, you can become your own string quartet, pianist, or brass player. Open the doors to your unexplored musical creativity with endless possibilities.


Intelligent Recognition

Pitch tracking - Dubler's AI-powered technology tracks the pitch of your voice and translates it into a MIDI notation in real-time.

Percussive recognition - Train Dubler to trigger samples or drum racks, based on your own percussive input sounds.

Autokey detection - Dubler 2's auto key detection can automatically detect the key you're singing and lock you to that key dynamically.

Vocal note restriction - Create a custom note restriction easily, quickly, and intuitively using Dubler's note detector.

Chord generation - A library of chord presets and voicing options, and the ability to build your own custom chords.


Intuitive Control

Control pitch bend - With pitch bend in Dubler 2 you can use IntelliBend - a smart pitch bend that will anchor you to a note until you want to bend away from it and TruBend - a pitch bend that follows your voice precisely.

Control effects and parameters - Use vowel sounds and the tonal qualities of your voice to control effects and parameters in your DAW through CC values.

Velocity sensitive - Dubler can detect the velocity for both your beats and melodies, allowing you to record dynamic ideas in real-time.

Envelope following - Map the envelope of your voice to any effect or parameter in your DAW and get expressive with your voice.


Integrated Workflow

MIDI Pitch Cleanup - The MIDI Capture plugin applies a cleaning algorithm at the end of your recording, to tidy up any ghost notes and correct any remaining latency in your melody.

Drag and Drop Your Recording - Speed up your workflow by recording Dubler's output with the MIDI Capture plugin. Drag and drop your clean clip into any MIDI track.

Real-Time Low Latency - Dubler 2 operates at low latency, making it ideal for live performance.

Compatible with any DAW - Dubler 2 works with any DAW or music-making software that can be controlled by MIDI.

Compatible with External MIDI Hardware - Connect your favourite drum machines and synths to the Dubler software to control them with your voice (MIDI-out computer connection required).


"25 years ago I thought how cool would it be to be able to sing notes and have it become MIDI. Well the future is here. This is great for getting ideas out of your head, and into music. And, yes— even drums! It’s a great idea and it’s very well executed. If you have musical ideas that you need to get into reality this is for you. Also great for adding things to your songwriting." – David K


Key Features:

  • Mac & Windows Compatible
  • Works with all DAWS
  • Low Latency/CPU footprint


What’s in the Box:

  • Dubler 2 software for MacOS / Windows
  • Dubler USB microphone
  • 2m / 4ft USB cable (A to B)
  • USB to USB-C converter
  • Ableton Live Lite (DAW)

System Requirements

  • Operating system *: macOS X 10.13+Windows 10+
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 CPU or better
  • Memory: 8GB RAM or more
  • Free disk space: 100MB free disk space
  • Graphics: OpenGL-capable graphics
  • Audio (Windows only)
    • Audio interface with multi-client ASIO Drivers (recommended)
    • ASIO4ALL (limited experience)
  • DAW access: Access to a DAW [Digital Audio Workstation] such as Ableton, Logic, GarageBand, Cubase, etc...
  • Microphone: External dynamic microphone
  • Internet access: Internet connection (for downloads, updates, and activation only - a maintained internet connection is not required to use Dubler)

* Dubler currently cannot detect input from Universal Audio (UAD) interfaces on Windows, as well as Avid Hardware when used together with ProTools