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What is a dynamic microphone?

Dynamic microphones boast a flat frequency response, they are capable of capturing and directly handling high-volume sources such as guitar amplifiers and drums, unlike condenser microphones.

When to use a dynamic microphone?

Dynamic microphones are the ideal live microphone, with their durable high-quality build they can withstand the heaviest of treatments night after night. 

Dynamic Microphones such as the Shure SM58, Sontronics Solo and Sennheiser e835 have become famous industry standards for live performance vocals, due to their low sensitivity and cardioid polar pattern they can withstand high gain without feeding back. 

Are dynamic microphones good for recording vocals?

Dynamic microphones are excellent for recording and capturing vocals, voiceovers, podcasts and any voice-based application.

Dynamic mics are a go-to choice for most podcasters and broadcasters as they’re less susceptible to picking up other sound sources than a condenser microphone, which makes them a great choice for when you have multiple people in one room.  

Do dynamic microphones require phantom power?

Being passive, they don’t require any power like a condenser microphone.

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