Avid Sibelius Ultimate Trade-Up Perpetual Education

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  • Avid Sibelius Ultimate Trade-Up Perpetual Education, compose, arrange and engrave without limits.
  • Notation Software for customers who already own a previous version of Sibelius (Formerly Sibelius First) or want to make the switch from another notation software.
  • This item is only available to qualifying students and educators. Academic eligibility will be verified and required to activate this software.
  • This is a one-time purchase that grants you access to the software forever and also includes 12 months of AVID's Support and Updates plan.
  • Features a task-based interface that leads you through the entire score creation process.
  • Enter notes from the onscreen notion, keyboard, or fretboard windows, or from your MIDI keyboard.
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Avid Sibelius Ultimate Trade-Up Perpetual Education

In the classroom

If you're a student, teacher, or educator, you can get a substantial discount on Sibelius. Plus, Sibelius Ultimate includes powerful classroom tools and worksheets, a handy Annotate feature, and Microsoft Surface Pro pen input optimization. Therefore, opening up new possibilities for educators and students to teach and learn notation.


Compose, arrange and engrave without limits

Sibelius Ultimate offers you an advanced toolset that enables you to work with an unlimited number of instrument parts and tailor every facet of your score to your specific needs. Be free to create sophisticated sheet music with an expanded set of notation tools and symbols, customisable notes and instruments, and film scoring workflows. While speeding through score refinement with advanced layout, editing and publishing tools.


Write music quickly and easily

Sibelius Ultimate features a task-based interface that leads you through the entire score creation process. Enter notes from the onscreen notion, keyboard, or fretboard windows, or from your MIDI keyboard. Add notational elements, dynamics, custom symbols and text while easily navigating large, complex scores using the timeline.


Create beautiful scores

Get better use of your time by writing music instead of fixing it. As you write, Magnetic Layout automatically gives everything just the right amount of space and avoids collisions to produce beautiful results, cutting writing time in half. Additionally, Dynamic Parts can automatically create and update separate instrumental parts whenever you change your score.


Turn music into scores

Sibelius comes with two companion applications that enable you to turn recorded, performance, printed and handwritten music into notation. With AudioScore Lite you'll be able to import notes by singing or playing a monophonic instrument through a microphone. With PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite, you can turn printed, PDF, and JPEG sheet music into editable scores and even handwrite music.


Hear your music in astonishing detail

With an included 10GB sound library of high-quality sampled instruments, you'll be able to playback compositions and hear how they would sound with full instrumentation. The Expressivo feature adds a more humanistic feel, so your score sounds the way you intended it to be heard. You can also use VST and AU virtual instruments and effects for added versatility.


Unmatched Pro Tools integration

Take your compositions even further with the ability to seamlessly integrate Pro Tools into your workflow. Using the included ReWire you can easily record instrument parts from your Sibelius Ultimate scores to Pro Tools and other DAWs for further recording, editing, and mixing. Additionally, you'll be able to directly send Pro Tools tracks from its Score Editor to Sibelius Ultimate for further notation refinement.


Capture ideas

Whether you have a melody line, chord progression, or lyric you want to jot down quickly, there is no need to drop everything you're doing. The Ideas Hub enables you to capture and tag those inspired snippets of music and ideas quickly for later use or reuse. Even if you don't have any ideas or are suffering from writer block Sibelius Ultimate also comes included with 2000 ideas in its library to help get you inspirited and spark your creative flow.


Polish your score to perfection

With a full suite of desktop publishing tools and score Inspector, you can control and finesse every score element with ease. Fine-tune lyrics, dynamics, and other text with tracking, leading, scaling, and alignment tools. Use hierarchical styles to change fonts and add emphasis. Add graphics using drag-and-drop and even create your own house styles and manuscript papers to give your scores a unique look and feel.


Share your work

Easily share an unlimited number of scores online using Sibelius Cloud Sharing and invite others to view, play, and comment on your music.


Add comments directly on a score

With the Annotate feature, you can draw freeform directly on a score and communicate edits, instruction, and feedback to collaborators, arrangers, musicians, or students. Streamlining collaboration and review. All annotations are grouped intelligently and always remain attached to the bar to which you've added them. Plus, they can be switched off, so they don't appear when printing.


Practice and perform with your iPad

Export your score for Avid Scorch, the iOS application that transforms your iPad into an interactive music stand and score library for practice and performance. With Avid Scorch on your iPad, you can view scores and adapt them to your instrument by transposing the music, changing instruments, or even converting to and from the guitar tab.


Teach music composition

Sibelius Ultimate is perfect for teaching music notation, composition and theory to students of all abilities and ages. It includes over 1700 ready-made teaching materials that include worksheets, projects and exercises. As well as a Classroom Control window to track your students' progress. Additionally, Sibelius Ultimate network licensing makes it easy to assign licenses to students on any computer including their own.


System Requirements


  • 64-bit Windows 7 (SP1 or later), Windows 8.1 (not Windows RT) or Windows 10
  • 1+ GB of RAM
  • 1 GB hard disk space for Sibelius software only
  • DVD-ROM drive (only for Media Pack)
  • Internet connection required for software download and activation



  • Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 or 10.13
  • 1+ GB of RAM 1 GB hard disk space for Sibelius software only; 36 GB additional hard disk space for the Sibelius Sounds library (optional installation)
  • DVD-ROM drive (only for Media Pack)
  • Internet connection required for software download and activation