ADI1 Active DI Box by Lambden Audio

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  • The ADI1 Active DI Box by Lambden Audio provides you with the facility of converting an unbalanced instrument/line signal to a balanced signal.
  • Suitable for plugging into the microphone input of a mixer.
  • It can accept a signal from a keyboard, bass guitar, electric and electro-acoustic guitar, and line output from a DJ mixer.
  • It helps cure hums, ground loops and overloading.
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ADI1 Active DI Box by Lambden Audio

The Lambden Audio ADI1 Active DI Box is the solution for converting unbalanced instrument or line signals into balanced signals that are suitable for plugging into the microphone input of a mixer. This powerful device can handle signals from a wide range of sources, including keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and DJ mixers. It is also designed to eliminate hums, ground loops, and overloading, making it an indispensable tool for any recording or live performance setup.


Do you need a DI Box?

Need to connect your electric guitar, electric piano, or electric bass to your mixing console’s mic input? If so, a DI Box is just what you’re looking for. For example, when using an electric bass or acoustic guitar a DI is usually preferred to using a microphone on an amplifier. This is because these instruments are often valued in a mix for being clean.

A Direct Injection (DI) unit converts unbalanced, high-impedance signals into balanced, low-impedance signals. This allows you to insert an instrument signal directly into a preamp, mixer, or recorder at the right impedance for cleaner sounds and lower noise.


Which DI Box do you need?

The ADI1 is an Active DI box and has an integrated preamp, this requires power (batteries, dedicated power supplies, or 48V phantom power) but allows a higher-level output and eliminates the need to amplify the signal after the DI. Active DIs can also incorporate onboard equalizers.

The switchable ground lift allows you to disconnect Pin 1 on the XLR jack of the DI box. This prevents current from flowing between the DI and the microphone preamplifier along the shielding, thereby breaking the ground loop and eliminating this noise.

Throughput jacks pass a copy of the unaffected input signal to plug into either amplifiers or effect pedals. The pads are great for attenuating signals that are too strong for the DI circuitry or the input of the destination device.


When to use your DI Box

The advanced signal routing capabilities and higher headroom make Active DI boxes excellent choices for electric guitars, keyboards, and instruments with active pickups. If you have a passive instrument, with no preamp inside it, an Active DI box should be utilized.

DI boxes can be used to take a line in from an electric guitar and won’t pick up the background noise that a microphone will. The link output of the ADI1 acts as a passthrough and sends a direct split of the incoming signal out of the DI box.


Key Features:

  • Single-channel (mono) active DI box.
  • Powered using a mixer’s phantom power, or 9V battery (not included).
  • Power switch, bright blue power LED - flashing denotes battery power, solid denotes +48V phantom power.
  • Solid metal construction with rubber corners.
  • Ground lift switch on the output.
  • 20dB pad switch on the input.
  • Link output allows musicians to send a clean signal to the front of the house, whilst also using their preferred amplifier on stage for their foldback.
Color Black
  • Power Input: 9v Battery or Phantom power, 54mm
  • Physical Weight: 0.65kg
  • Physical Width: 132mm
  • Physical Depth: 142mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Solid metal construction with rubber feet