5 Ways To Improve Your Studio

5 Ways To Improve Your Studio
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5 Ways To Improve Your Studio

Recently, we have been talking with the Studiospares community, and we have come to the conclusion that most people face very similar issues when it comes to their studio spaces. We thought we would put this blog post together to bring awareness to and offer ways around these issues to get the most out of your space so you can get on with what’s important... Creating!

1. Studio Workstations

One of the most overlooked pieces of gear in any studio is a desk. You're probably thinking, "How much difference can a desk make?" The answer is... a lot. Unlike any other piece of gear in your studio, you will be using your desk 100% of the time that you're working, so your desk needs to serve you! As well as serving you, it also needs to serve your space. There are many options on the market for studio desks, but most of them are designed solely with functionality in mind, with aesthetics on the back burner.

Here are a few options for workstations that will elevate your space while adding value to your workflow.

Troilus Studio Desk Workstation

Designed for space-conscious studios, this desk will help improve the workflow of engineers, producers, musicians, streamers, and voiceover artists alike. With 2x 6U racks, a pull-out drawer, and an under-desk shelf, the Troilus neatly stores all your equipment within arm's reach thus improving your workflow and keeping your studio clutter-free. Take your studio set-up to the next level with the Troilus.



Priam Studio Desk Workstation

The Priam Workstation is designed for a slightly bigger space and allows you to rack your equipment within arm’s reach in the centre of the workstation in the listening sweet spot. This allows you to use your gear while hearing the changes you're making in real time! With the dedicated rack mounts, work surfaces for studio monitors, monitor displays, mixers, and controllers, the Priam provides direct access to your gear where and when you need it most.


2. Acoustic Treatment

Poor acoustics in the form of reflections, flutter echo, and standing waves are THE biggest problems that we see time and time again in people's studio spaces. These issues cloud our perception of what we're hearing, slow down our decision-making process, and worst of all, fatigue our hearing. However, we cannot stress enough that this can be easily combated with some inexpensive, well-placed acoustic treatments within your studio space! Here are some options for acoustic treatment to give you the biggest audio improvement in your studio space!


The ultimate solution for optimizing your studio's acoustics and achieving pristine sound quality. These unique panels are strategically placed on your room's walls, precisely targeting problematic areas that suffer from reflections, standing waves, and flutter echo. By effectively taming these acoustic issues, StudioPANEL allows you to experience a clear and accurate audio environment, unclouding your judgment of what you're hearing.



The StudioATK system is the all-in-one solution for comprehensive room treatment designed to address a wide range of acoustic issues, such as reflections, standing waves, flutter echo, and more. With its carefully curated components, StudioATK offers a holistic approach to room treatment, ensuring that you experience crystal-clear audio and precise sound reproduction.



The IsoCube is perfect for people who live/work in a rented space where hanging acoustic treatment on the walls is not an option. Instead of acoustically treating the room the IsoCube treats the microphone by absorbing the room reflections before they are picked up by the microphones capsule. 


3. Monitor stands

We often see people's monitors placed directly on the desk or work surface the user is sitting at, and this can cause some huge issues when it comes to accurate and reliable monitoring, such as vibrations, resonance, and poor audio reproduction. An easy way to avoid this is to use a solid set of monitor stands that can decouple the monitors from any surface and provide accurate reproduction of the audio without vibrations and resonance clouding what you hear. Here are a few good options for stands that can greatly improve your monitoring!

Triangle Base Monitor Speaker Stand

The Triangle Base Monitor Speaker Stands ensure accurate placement of studio monitors for faithful audio representation. Their stability, adjustability, and decoupling feature deliver a clear, detailed, and uncoloured sound, crucial for audio professionals.


Monitor Isolation Pads

Enhance your studio monitoring experience with the Monitor Isolation Pads. Designed to isolate your studio monitors from supporting surfaces, these pads offer a space-conscious solution for achieving optimal audio clarity.


4. Quality Cables

Cabling, often underestimated in its significance, plays a vital role in the overall performance of your studio setup. The adage "the better the cable, the better the result" holds true, especially when working with expensive microphones. High-quality cables with well-designed components are an essential investment for getting the most out of your studio's precious equipment.

Here are some options for high-quality cables that will help you get the most out of your gear!

Pro Neutrik Unbalanced / Mono Jack Lead

A high-end Unbalanced Jack Lead with Neutrik connectors and double-screened Sommer Tricone Cable. As used in top UK recording studios and live performances where sound quality and reliability are essential.

Professional Unbalanced TS Jack Lead for Line Signals. Also suitable for Guitar Leads due to the graphite inner screen which stops possible crackling when the cable is flexed.


Pro Neutrik Balanced / Stereo Jack Lead

A high-end Balanced Jack Lead with Neutrik connectors and double-screened Sommer Club Cable. As used in top UK recording studios and live performances where sound quality and reliability are essential.

Professional Balanced TRS Jack Lead for Line Signals. These are perfect for outboard equipment!


Pro Neutrik XLR Cable

Pro Neutrik XLR Leads are the ultimate solution for audio professionals and enthusiasts who demand top-notch performance and unbeatable durability in their audio connections. These high-quality XLR leads are meticulously crafted using the finest audio connectors from Neutrik, a renowned name in the industry synonymous with reliability and precision.


Pro Neutrik XLR Male - Angled XLR Female Lead

The Pro Neutrik XLR Male-Angled XLR Female Lead is a premium audio cable tailored for professionals who require flexible and reliable audio connections in challenging setups. This specialized XLR lead features a Neutrik XLR male connector on one end and an angled XLR female connector on the other, making it the perfect choice for tight spaces and unconventional audio setups.


5. Reliable Microphone stands

There is nothing worse than setting up a microphone on a stand, getting the sound you want, and then when you go to record, the stand has slipped or dipped! Having a heavy-duty microphone stand that you can rely on will save you hours of running back and forth fixing issues and allow you to focus on capturing your audio!

Here are our suggestions for heavy-duty microphone stands at a lightweight price point!

Pro Mic Stand and Telescopic Boom

Whether you’re recording vocals, tracking drums or laying down guitars; your microphone stand must be heavy-duty and sturdy enough to not only withstand floor vibrations and movement but also securely carry the weight of your favourite microphones. The Pro Mic Stand and Telescopic Boom by Trojan Pro is a fully adjustable, perfectly portable and effortlessly sturdy option for any live performer or studio.


Short Mic Stand and Telescopic Boom

The Short Mic Stand and Telescopic Boom by Trojan Pro is a fully adjustable, perfectly portable, and effortlessly sturdy option for any live performer or studio.


Pro Round Base Mic Stand

Great for situations where space is limited. The height-adjusting clutch easily sets the mic to the required height of between 850mm-1470mm without any force. The clutch features an Easy Grip surface which becomes apparent when twisted. The low-profile base is of cast iron chosen for its weight and ability to provide stability.


Overhead Heavy-Duty Microphone Stand with Wheels

The Overhead Heavy-Duty Microphone Stand with Wheels is a versatile and durable solution that offers users an unparalleled level of ease, flexibility, and stability when positioning their microphones. This stand is designed to meet your needs and help you achieve perfect microphone placement.


OnAir Broadcast Studio Microphone Arm

The long and adjustable boom arm of the stand allows for optimal microphone placement, ensuring that you can capture high-quality audio no matter where you are recording. Additionally, the sturdy grip of the stand ensures that it will stay in place during your recording, preventing any unwanted movement or vibrations that could affect the quality of your audio.


In conclusion, improving your studio space is not just a luxury but a necessity for any serious creator, producer, or musician. The right setup can make a world of difference in your workflow, productivity, and ultimately, the quality of your creations. We've discussed five essential ways to elevate your studio to new heights:

• Invest in a well-designed studio desk that not only offers functionality but also complements your space aesthetically.
• Address acoustic issues with strategically placed acoustic treatments to achieve a clear and accurate audio environment.
• Upgrade to monitor stands that decouple your monitors from surfaces, ensuring accurate and reliable audio monitoring.
• Opt for high-quality cables to maintain signal integrity, reduce noise, and guarantee consistent performance in your studio.
• Utilize reliable and heavy-duty microphone stands to save time and energy, allowing you to focus on capturing the best audio.

By implementing these improvements, you'll be creating in an environment that inspires creativity, enhances your productivity, and elevates the overall quality of your work. Remember, your studio is not just a physical space; it's a reflection of your passion and dedication to your craft. So, invest in the tools that empower you to unleash your creative potential and make your studio a place where magic happens.

We hope these suggestions have provided valuable insights and solutions for enhancing your studio. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, taking steps to improve your studio will undoubtedly make a significant difference in your creative journey. Embrace the process, experiment with different setups, and discover what works best for you.